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Third batch of Saudi oil derivatives arrives in Hadramout

16 Mar

The third batch of new Saudi oil derivatives, comprising 5,500 tons of diesel and 13,000 tons of fuel oil, has arrived in the governorate of Hadramout through Aden.

The batch is part of a grant provided by Saudi Arabia through the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen to contribute to the country’s security, stability and development. Previous grants, the latest of which was worth $422 million, have totaled $4.2 billion.

The grant has contributed to Yemen’s economic stability, strengthening the government’s budget, raising the purchasing power of Yemeni citizens, and improving the security situation, the services sector and living conditions. It has also helped to increase the average daily operation hours of power stations.

Previous oil derivatives grants provided by the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen have contributed to reducing government spending, doubling the production capacity of power stations to reach the target of 3119 GWh, and covering the needs of electricity-generating stations in the country.